Which Product Should I Choose?

Let's compare your options so you can find the right option for you.

Let's compare your options so you can find the right option for you.

MENTOR™ MemoryGel™ Breast ImplantsMENTOR™ MemoryShape™ Breast ImplantsMENTOR™ Saline Breast Implants 
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Implant FillProprietary cohesive gel which holds together uniformly to better resemble a more natural look and feel

Proprietary highly cohesive gel that retains shape and has a natural feel.

Filled with a salt water solution similar to the fluid found in the human body

Implant Volume

Dynamic fill volumes for each implant profile, including optimal and highly filled options.

Implant volume designed for predictable results

Has a flexible volume that can be adjusted during surgery

Implant Projection Options

Multiple sized round implants that provide different amounts of fullness with different levels of projection.
Depending on your desired look and your current cup size, we have an implant to help you achieve your goals, whether it is a single cup size or more.

A teardrop implant that compliments the natural shape of a breast.
Being a teardrop implant it has the unique ability to provide purposeful projection at the lower part of the implant to give a more natural look.

A variety of round implants that provide flexibility, fullness and firmness unique to your desired look.

Implant Shell Surface Options

The option of a smooth shell surface or Mentor™ SILTEX™ textured surface

Mentor™ SILTEX™ textured surface

Smooth shell surface