Qual implante mamário devo usar?

A aparência, sensação e sua personalidade têm influência na escolha do implante. Vamos comparar as opções?

* In-person consumer survey with 452 respondents.

1 Source: Mentor Consumer Preference Market Research Report - July 2017

† Most projection based on projection and base width comparisons of the following textured shaped silicone gel breast implants: CPG™ Gel Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 410 TruForm™2 Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 410 TruForm™3 Breast Implants, NATRELLE™ 510 Dual Gel Anatomical Implants, Silimed BIODESIGN™ Matrix Textured Breast Implants, The Matrix Breast Implants by EUROSILICONE™, NAGOR™ CoGel System® Breast Implants, SEBBIN Naturgel™ Anatomical Breast Implants, CEREPLAS® Anatomical Breasts Implants and POLYTECH SublimeLine®. NATRELLE™ Product Catalogue 11-2008, Silimed Catalogue 2012, EUROSILICONE™ Product Catalogue 2013, NAGOR™ Product Catalogue 2013, SEBBIN Naturgel™ Anatomical Implants Catalog, CEREPLAS® Anatomical Breast Implants, and POLYTECH SublimeLine® Catalogs all accessed 11/4/2014