Breast Implant Testimonials & Stories

Real perspectives to help you make your own decision.

Real perspectives to help you make your own decision.

Patients Stories

What's your story?

Before you begin your breast implant journey, hear from women who have experienced Breast Augmentation or Breast Reconstruction surgery.

Their stories highlight what to expect and exemplify the change that breast surgery can have in your life.

Noelia talks us through her breast augmentation journey

Meet Noelia: Her new determination

Every Breast Augmentation journey is unique, and uniquely personal. This is what Noelia found out, and after nearly a decade of considering breast surgery, she still found herself pleasantly surprised about how she felt. With her love for fitness now even stronger, she enjoys a new-found confidence.

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Meet Caitlin: her new attitude

Sporty, sunny, outgoing: Caitlin’s energy is a key trait in all aspects of her life, whether it’s competing on a national stage or going out with her friends. Her choice is to embrace confidence with a newfound ease.

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Abigail chose to have breast augmentation after having children

Meet Abigail: her new energy

The only right moment to make a choice is the one that feels right for you. This is what Abigail realised, and with her husband by her side she set out on an exciting personal journey. She now feels a new energy in her choices, whether it’s clothes or a holiday.

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The patient stories featured on this page are from real patients who have been through breast augmentation surgery. They are the patient’s individual experiences: the journey, surgery and outcomes of breast augmentation surgery will vary for each individual. The views expressed by this patient should not be taken as medical advice. If you are considering similar surgery, always consult a health care professional (such as a doctor or surgeon) to understand your specific situation and discuss risks and benefits.

The patients featured in these patient story videos were compensated for their time at fair market value by Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd.

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