Which Breast Implant Product Should I Choose?

Appearance, feel, and your own personal journey have the biggest influence on your implant choice. Let’s compare your options.

Compare the Benefits of Silicone & Saline

MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants MENTOR® CPGTM Breast Implants MENTOR® Saline Breast Implants
IMPLANT FILL Filled with MENTOR's proprietary cohesive gel, which holds together uniformly while resembling the natural give of breast tissue.4,5**

Filled with a proprietary cohesive gel that provides shape retention.3

Filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid found in the human body


Dynamic fill ratios for varying degrees of firmness.6-9

Implant volume designed for predictable results

Has a flexible volume that can be adjusted during surgery and post-operatively11


Moderate Plus, Moderate Plus Xtra, High, High Xtra and Ultra High

Tall Height, Moderate Projection; Medium Height, Moderate Projection; Low Height, Moderate Projection; Tall Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Medium Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Low Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Tall Height, High Projection; Medium Height, High Projection; Low Height, High Projection

Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile


Smooth or MENTOR® Siltex® Surface shells

SILTEX® Microtexture uses an imprinting process that is designed to help keep implants in place.10^

Smooth Surface shells


Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

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