Which Breast Implant Product Should I Choose?

Appearance, feel and your own personal journey have the biggest influence on your implant choice. Let’s compare your options.

Compare the Benefits of Silicone & Saline

MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants MENTOR® CPGTM Breast Implants MENTOR® Saline Breast Implants
IMPLANT FILL Proprietary cohesive gel which holds together uniformly to better resemble a more natural look and feel

Proprietary highly cohesive gel that retains shape and has a natural feel

Filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid found in the human body


Dynamic fill volumes for each implant profile, including optimal and highly filled options

Implant volume designed for predictable results

Has a flexible volume that can be adjusted during surgery and post-operatively


Moderate Plus, Moderate Plus Xtra, High, High Xtra and Ultra High

Tall Height, Moderate Projection; Medium Height, Moderate Projection; Low Height, Moderate Projection; Tall Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Medium Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Low Height, Moderate Plus Projection; Tall Height, High Projection; Medium Height, High Projection; Low Height, High Projection

Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile


Smooth or MENTOR® Siltex® Surface shells

Imprinted with MENTOR® SILTEX® texture designed to keep minimise rotation

Smooth or MENTOR® SILTEX® Surface shells


Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

Covered by the MENTORPromise Protection Plan

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Note: Saline Breast Implants are only available in the following countries: Austria, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia

* As compared to saline-filled breast implants.

^ In-person consumer survey with 452 respondents.

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