MENTOR® CPGTM Breast Implants

Looking for a natural shape and feel? MENTOR® CPGTM Breast Implants use a unique cohesive gel that holds together evenly for a smooth, natural silhouette.

Proven Design

MENTOR® Gel Breast Implants are designed for shape retention and to render a natural breast appearance and projection that holds up over time.6

MENTOR® CPG™ Breast Implants

Breast implant projection


Unique, tapered shape provides more projection at the lower pole, offering maximum projection where needed.

Breast implant performance


A low reported risk of key complications in primary breast augmentation at 10 years.*,1-5

Breast implant peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Made with SILTEX® Texture, which can contribute to a reduction in key complications in primary augmentation.4-5

Our Promise to You



The MENTORPromise

MENTOR® believes women deserve the peace of mind and dedication that comes with a highly comprehensive warranty.

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