Which Breast Implant Product Should I Choose?

Appearance, feel and your own personal journey have the biggest influence on your implant choice. Let’s compare your options.

What is a Breast Tissue Expander?

Expanders create a space by stretching the tissue and preparing your skin to accommodate the implant at the time of exchange.

What is a Breast Tissue Expander

During your breast reconstruction procedure, your surgeon will insert a tissue expander with a port and gradually fill it with sterile saline fluid over several months (not beyond six months). Your breast tissue expands to fit the space.

What is a Breast Implant

Once your breast tissue reaches the appropriate size, your surgeon will replace the expander with the implant.

* As compared to the CONTOUR PROFILE® Tissue Expanders CPX™2 Expander and CPX™3 Expander

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